Alan Doherty

a.k.a.Bubblehead, a.k.a. You Can Call Me Al
Most Noticeable Attribute; Flute, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle.

‍Both space and good taste necessitate the neglect of many pertinent facts concerning this young Dublin flautist who often inspires awe when in full flow. He has been involved in several bands of note including Shinook (with renowned Achill whistler Des Cafferkey) and more recently has been laboriously putting the finishing touches to Grada’s first studio album (see no. 2).

Chances are that you have heard this well rehearsed musician before as he is included in the soundtrack for the blockbuster ‘Lord of the Rings’, accompanied on that occasion by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. A noted session character, Alan often invites complete strangers to join in the musical revelry, his philanthropic nature evident even more clearly in his concern for the welfare of older generations as he regularly ensures that they get a lift home at the end of an evening.