Tomas O’Brien

a.k.a The Big T, a.k.a. Tombox
Prized Possession; Button Accordion (affectionately termed a “box”)

‍A recognized prodigy from an early age, Tom is respected the length and breath of the country as an inspiring and dedicated session musician, having come to widespread attention as a founder member of the youthful supertradstar group, Delos.

Tomas continues to develop his technique by embracing wide-ranging world music styles and working with the famed talents of musicians like Paul Kelly (fiddle/mandolin) and Sean Whelan (jazz guitar). He has toured America and Europe as a member of the legendary Riverdance show, and can regularly be seen holding court in the Dublin City University bar, where, he informs me, he is always ready to lend an experienced hand to the emergent talent on offer there. Allegedly, he keeps a house filled with nurses in case of emergencies.