Tommy Martin

a.k.a. Tompipes, a.k.a. Tom, a.k.a. Angela
Prosthetic Musical Appendages; Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Flute, Fiddle, Guitar, Ugandan nose harp, African tongue drum, and basically anything capable of the vibrations necessary to produce sound.

Twice All-Ireland champion uilleann-piper, Tommy’s prodigious talent was nurtured from the tender age of twelve by both a musically accomplished ancestry and the attentive guidance of master piping tutors.

His instantly recognizable style (in both fashion and music) have earned critical acclaim on four continents and his tireless workload has involved him in no fewer than six collaborative recordings and three solo albums. It’s hard to imagine how such a workaholic finds time to relax, but Tommy lists socialising, visiting hospitals, and an abiding interest in the history of Mexican cuisine among his hobbies. He admits to being happily unattached at present, but is always and regularly on the lookout for Ms.Right. By the way, he is the guy being attacked by the pepper-grinder!